OnyxCeph³™ 3.2.70 Build 155 – Stockholm

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Released: 09-11-2016 14:00 CET

Changes in this build

  • #2787 Module Add Image 3D: Combined import of volume and surface data enabled
  • #3592 Module Waefer 3D: Interaction in 2D graphic panel improved
  • #3798 System options: Tab Event (handler) added
  • #3846 Module FA_Bonding: Bracket selection by [ALT]+left click activated
  • #3914 Module Image Comparison 2D: Angle superimposition restricted to lateral ceph images
  • #3924 Editors Print; Presentation: Drawing rounded rectangle frames enabled
  • #3986 Module Aligner 3D: Multiple attachments on one crown
  • #4011 Module Adjust Image 3D: Landmarks survive re-ordering
  • #4064 Modules Aligner 3D, V.T.O.3D: New graphic panel for tooth selection on top of object list
  • #4066 Program OnyxRegister: Optional 3D modules can be selected for 3D license requests
  • #4067 Module Digitize 3D: 3D Models can be converted and exported as 2D McGann.views
  • #4068 All 3D-Modules: 3D rendering improved, new option for view background color added
  • #4072 OnyxReport: Export to CD/DVD burn folder extended
  • #4074 Module Bonding Trays: predetermined breaking point can be defined
  • #4076 OnyxReport: EXE-link replaced by HTML-forward link in email
  • #4078 All 3D-Modules: VisIt Rendering accelerated for AMD boards
  • #4081 Module Waefer 3D: Container export activated
  • #4082 Module V.T.O. 3D: Coloring crowns by violation of limits Kronen-Einfärbung bei Grenzverletzung
  • #4083 Main Window: Terms of use updated
  • #4085 All 3D-Modules: New render path added (Shader)
  • #4087 Tab Presentation|Media: AVI link in media tree reactivated
  • #4088 OnyxReport: Dictionary reduced
  • #4092 Tab Presentation|Media: 3D objects link in media tree reactivated
  • #4093 Data base error in patient history in combination with OnyxAdmin fixed
  • #4097 Modules Adjust Image 3D; Segmentatin: 2D-Image viewer icon added
  • #4099 Tab Forms: dHTML Forms saved in Unicode
  • #4100 Full screen: Movie option in context menu Animations play button added (requires FFMPEG in Client folder)
  • #4103 Sending Emails via POP enabled for 64bit email clients
  • #4107 Tab Letters; Presentation: Status bar added/completed
  • #4110 Module Wire_Bonding: Bug fix for deleting brackets
  • #4112 Module Adjust Image 2D: Bug fix displacing image
  • #4115 3D View: Zoom 100% in context menu on coordinate graphics added
  • #4116 Module Add image 3D: Carestream CS3600 PLY Files Textur imported (vertex colors conversion recommended)


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