OnyxCeph³™ 3.2.93 Build 214 – Draco

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Released: 15-11-2017 12:36 CET

Changes in this build

  • #3823 Add Image 3D: Automatic scan repair for inhomogeneous meshes improved
  • #4064 Module Wire_Bonding 3D: Odontogram for tooth selection added
  • #4150 OnyxReport: Animation adjusted
  • #4154 System Options | Interfaces | Export: Default folder selection for Report, Container, PDF and 3D Export configurable
  • #4171 System Options | Event list: Message on CSV-Export tooth movement tables added
  • #4199 Module Aligner 3D: Points w/o position cannot have attachments
  • #4325 All 3D modules: Helplines can be positioned to numerical values by doubleclick
  • #4434 System Options | Patient data: Start value for external patient ID can be configured
  • #4436 Command Line Interface: Silent image import via command line parameter Silent=1
  • #4508 Batch processing of multiple command lines handled
  • #4554 All 3D views: Multi selection of 3D objects by region drag&drop added (Alt-Taste)
  • #4556 Module V.T.O.3D: Option Line Up Mesial / Distal added
  • #4556 Module V.T.O.3D: Option Compensate Space Discrepancy centres mid mesial contacts automatically
  • #4559 Module Cast Adjust: Data set size evaluated and displayed graphically
  • #4560 OnyxConfig: Current release can now be downloaded again
  • #4562 Module Aligner 3D: Colour coded comparison for refinement scan and planning provided
  • #4566 Aligner 3D, V.T.O.3D: Block movement of tooth groups (SHIFT)
  • #4573 Module V.T.O.3D: Panel Auxillary Planes added
  • #4575 Module Cast Adjust: Initial orientation for clip planes can be pre-selected
  • #4576 Module BondingTrays: Maximum for tray thickness increased
  • #4579 Modules FA_Bonding, Wire_Bonding: Occlusogram for collision control (brackets) added
  • #4581 Module Add Image 3D: Upper/lower jaw classification automatically corrected
  • #4584 Module Kylix: More robust construction to avoid printing issues
  • #4588 Module Digitize 3D: Results can be exported in PDF format


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