OnyxCeph³™ 3.2.56 Build 122 – Copenhagen

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Released: 16-06-2016 14:29 CET

Changes in this build

  • #1867 Module Image Import 3D: 3D View panels can be maximized via contextmenu
  • #2608 Module Image Import 3D: Interface DOF scanner “DentalDirekt” added
  • #2787 Module Image Import 3D: Import of combined FaceScan & Dicom data (Sirona, Galileos) activated
  • #2916 All 2D-Modules and full screen: New crop option sampling for 2D images
  • #3304 Module Wire_Bonding: Funktion [Align Brackets automatically] reviewed
  • #3320 Module Image Import 3D: Optional calibration of mesh density for 3D models added
  • #3562 VDDS: Social insurance number is taken over w/o confirmation if not already available.
  • #3751 Module Segmentation: Bug in manual correction of template teeth fixed
  • #3767 Modules V.T.O.3D, FA_Bonding, Aligner 3D: New 3D “InView”-Navigator provided
  • #3767 Module WaeferCreation 3D: Jaw movement supported (Zebris)
  • #3793 Module Image Import 3D: Interface CADstar scanner “CS ULTRA” added
  • #3832 Keyboard sortcuts are not longer blocked by focus on a 3D View panel
  • #3835 Module Retainer 3D: Reference points for distance measurements available
  • #3844 Module Image Import 3D: CAXD files with wrong voxel size found and corrected
  • #3847 Module Segmentation: Manual tooth width correction available
  • #3848 VDDS: Starting OnyxCeph via VDDS servers configurable
  • #3870 3D thumbnails do not longer include show hidden
  • #3871 Ivoris-analyze data base conversion implemented
  • #3873 OnyxRegister: email address double checked when request is sent
  • #3882 Module Image Import 3D: Panel Object modifications reviewed and extended
  • #3891 Export 3D: History for clip planes and label positions activated
  • #3892 Module Image Import 3D: Large OBJ files can be loaded now
  • #3890 Module Image Import 2D/3D: Alternative search folder window added
  • #3897 Patient liste: Archived patient records are displayed in grey (restored)


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