OnyxCeph³™ 3.2.51 Build 105 – Dublin

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Released: 15-04-2016 09:42 CET

Changes in this build

  • #2784 Module Add Image 3D: Thumbnails keep texture
  • #3677 Module Add Image 3D: Interface for new Zirkonzahn S600 software modified
  • #3707 Module Aligner 3D: calculation now more efficient, more robust, more precise
  • #3726 Module Ricketts V.T.O.: Correction of molar relation added
  • #3708 Module Cast Adjust 3D: Cutting polygon more flexible; initial line available
  • #3739 Module Adjust Image 3D: Scan repair accelerated by parallelization
  • #3740 Module Segmentation: Tooth an gingiva completion accelerated by parallelization
  • #3741 Modules V.T.O.3D, Aligner 3D: Gingiva simulation accelerated by parallelization
  • #3749 All Modules: Occlusogram and crown navigator panel: diplay accelerated
  • #3751 Module Segmentation: Template tooth registration improved
  • #3754 Module Cast Adjust 3D: 3D view alignment corrected
  • #3757 Module Retainer 3D: Optional soft tissue distance control added
  • #3759 Module Add Image 3D: Import of large multipage DICOM CTs improved
  • #3760 Module Splint 3D: Splint construction extended
  • #3762 Patient list: Search function corrected
  • #3763 GUI: Scrolling available for long toolbars
  • #3770 Module Add Image 3D: Thumbnail creation from DICOM files more stable and faster
  • #3772 Onyx3Config: Release nummer displayed correct
  • #3781 PACS Interface: Debug protocol recorded
  • #3783 OnyxCeph: Drag&Drop of images from thumbnails to browser implemented
  • #3791 Naming of email attachments extended by standard wild cards
  • #3793 Module Add Image 3D: Interface CADstar “CS ULTRA” Model scanner (Beta)
  • #3795 Failed renaming of Pat IDs reset automatically
  • #3797 Module Combine 3D: Assignment of 3D Tracings corrected
  • #3803 Modules V.T.O.3D, Aligner 3D: Gingiva simulation corrected for completely moved mandible
  • #3804 Module Add Image 2D: VistaScan interface activated for 3.2
  • #3805 Module Combine 3D: Wrong group assignment corrected
  • #3809 Module Retainer 3D: Special case “mandible only” enabled
  • #3814 VDDS: Transfer Pat ID for Kopfwerk (from POLICYNUMBER)


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