OnyxCeph³™ 3.2.124 Build 324 – Baba Jaga

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Released: 29-05-2019 15:23 CET

Changes in this build

#3964 Print/Presentation: Print template acc. to Schopf adjusted for UHD monitors
#4085 3D-Views: Shadowing in 3D views improved for clipped objects
#4097 Module Digitize 2D: Icon button to open thumbnail album of all patient findins added
#4553 Modules V.T.O.3D, Aligner – Tooth movement limitation table: sets can be deleted correctly
#4765 Module Aligner: Warning for missing attachments added
#5035 Several 3D-Modules: Attachment-/bracketsets can be deleted correctly
#5109 Module Add Image: Memory optimized when loading large 3D data sets
#5139 Print/Presentation: Printing of scaled 3D objects adjusted
#5177 Empty signs and/or controls before or after input text strings are ignored
#5213 Export 3D: Offset parameter added for fixation slots
#5222 Module FA_Bonding: If available, module opens with segmented crowns
#5260 Module Add Image 2D: dentaleyepad: Naming in source lsit by file name
#5283 Print/Presentation – Editor preview corrected for clipped data
#5288 Module FA_Bonding: New table icon with table for bracket- and distance data
#5325 System: Graphic objects handling by GPU improved
#5308 Module FA_Bonding: Line-Up updated on bracket movement
#5326 Several 3D-Modules: Panel “Jaw Alignment” simplified
#5332 Tab Images: Context menu for thumbnails w/o focus activated
#5334 Module Aligner: Attachment handling in step planning simplified
#5337 Module Add Images 3D: Loading DICOM improved
#5342 Interfaces: InfoServer: Referring doctor can be created and updated by HTTP request
#5379 Tab Images: Mouse wheel event for preview zoom and vertical thumbnail album shift separated
#5382 Print/Presentation – Editor: Adjustment of multiple selected print elements reactivated
#5384 Print/Presentation- Editor: Object positioning by parameters in object properties table corrected
#5388 All 3D-Modules: Deleted (hidden) projects can be mad visible in laod/save project via context menu
#5396 Module Add Image 2D: VixWin-Plugin interface reviewed
#5404 Print/Presentation – Editor: Findings can be specified by attributes
#5407 Tab Presentation: Save dialog displayed when leaving adjust mode with changes
#5408 Tab Presentation: Moving of 3D objects in adjust mode activated
#5410 Module Combine 2D: Loading projects reviewed
#5412 Module Digitize 2D: McGann export of 3D views: mandible reactivated
#5415 Main Window: Correctly restored if opened by third party application
#5417 Print/Presentation – Editor: 3d view scaling corrected
#5418 Module Aligner: New Staging table added to table icon menu
#5424 Print/Presentation: List fields adjusted t text fields for printing
#5425 Module Digitize: Decimal place format for analysis results adjusted
#5427 Print/Presentation – Editor: Icon button [Open] removed
#5428 Print/Presentation – Editor: Duplicate takes over focus from parent object
#5433 Module Add Image: DICOM-Import improved for files w/o header
#5436 Chat message window now modal
#5441 Tab Images: Delete image corrected[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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