OnyxCeph³™ 3.2.116 Build 306 – Yeti

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Released: 04-02-2019 13:26 CET

Changes in this build

  • #2895 Video-Overlay for bitmaps reactivate
  • #3622 Module CA Smart: Bug step planning starting from malocclusion fixed
  • #3709 Module Adjust Image 3D: Base tray lines added Sockelandeutung auch in Front- und Seitenansicht ergänzt
  • #3832 Module Digitize: ShortCuts for pre-configured views (F2 … F5) and displays (STRG+1/2/3) added
  • #4164 Module CA Smart: Attachment groups can be saved/reloaded
  • #4541 Module Digitize 3D: Landmarking on clip plane: landmark assigned to object by default
  • #4570 Module Aligner 3D: Line Up mesial/distal alignment added
  • #4603 OnyxDBServer: AWE can be activated by button [Activate], status message modified
  • #5051 Module Aligner 3D: Attachment list columns reduced to Name and Manufacturer
  • #5060 Print-/Presentation editor: Drawing of long able objects verified
  • #5074 Function 3D Export: Print Preprocessing handles simple user attachments
  • #5079 All Planning modules 3D: CTRL+right click allows distance measurements in 3D views
  • #5083 Module Kylix: Parameter Offset added for 3D printing tolerances
  • #5150 Installation: New folder structure for installer
  • #5168 Module Wire-Bonding: Reloading projects Projekt: Wire landmarks placed on wire plane
  • #5178 Module Combine 2D: Landmarks available after finding was changed
  • #5191 Module Digitize 3D: FFA’ landmark can be calculated also on 3D findings
  • #5195 Image Comparison 2D: Printing individual print forms recreated
  • #5196 OnyxDBServer: Reason for error message “NexusDB: At End of Table” fixed.
  • #5199 Module Adjust Image 3D: Textured OBJ files from Sony Xperia XZ1 can now be imported.
  • #5200 Module CA-Smart: Step projects of cloned findings loaded correctly
  • #5202 OnyxReport: Scrollbar for tables displayed
  • #5205 New macro for For file renaming: <FILE|T> replaces invalid characters in T
  • #5216 Modules Digitize 2D/3D: Analysis results saved on displaying full screen table
  • #5219 Module Adjust Image 2D/3D: DICOM window (ROI, histogram) reviewed
  • #5222 Module Bonding Trays: minor adjustments on Kylix editor and labelling
  • #5222 Module FA_Bonding: LineUp wire template selection saved
  • #5225 Module Adjust Image 2D: HueMatch regards customized B/C and H/S master settings
  • #5226 OnyxDBServer: Selected server connection used for all client applications by default
  • #5228 Tab |Images / 2D|: Icons belw preview on tab |Images / 2D Data| activated
  • #5229 Fullscreen 3D: Tracing deactivation also hides planes
  • #5230 Module Combine 2D_ Ruler icon on tab |Combine| activated
  • #5235 OnyxReport: Contextmenu for animation adjusted
  • #5246 Patient list is updated after deleting patient record even if opened.
  • #5250 Binary STL Export: Surface normal calculation adjusted to standard


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