Getting Started 3D

Getting Started 3D – Promotion Program Onyx Virtual Models 

Using virtual models for

  • Archiving,
  • Diagnostics,
  • Treatment Planning and
  • Patient Education

purposes becomes more and more interesting in modern orthodontics.
Many of our customers expect

  • Simplification of practice internal workflow,
  • Saving of man power and material and
  • Optimization of treatment progress and treatment results

as a consequence hereof but they do not have final conceptions how to integrate this technology in a simple, handy and cost-effective manner in their daily practice workflow and they do not have clear suggestions which infrastructur could be required.

As an All-In-One Dental Imaging Software for case-related 2D and 3D image data, OnyxCeph³™ suppports a comprehensive workflow for virtual treatment planning based on digital models. This comprizes features like

To assist OnyxCeph³™ customers at their first steps into the world of 3D dental models, we offer initial support for the following steps:


This comprizes all steps required to provide virtual models including segmented tooth crowns basing on sent in original plaster or synthetic casts for further use in OnyxCeph³™.

If you send in pairs of models (optionally with bite plate) on your own costs, we will scan, segment and provide the resulting data set online for download by OnyxContainer for original costs of EUR 18 each pair.

This offer is limited by a maximum of 5 model pairs and has in view to allow OnyxCeph³™ customers to gather experience by their own cases from the beginning and also to compare the digital workflow with the traditional one.





Subsequently, the scanned models can be used in OnyxCeph³™ 3D Pro not only for archiving and presentation but also for many diagnostic and treatment planning options.
The promotion program also comprizes a time-limited authorization to use all modules in program version 3D Pro w/o additional costs and a step-by-step guidance to become familiar in detail with all those modules.



On request, we offer in-practice-training to implement an optimal workflow in your practice w/o wasting to much time by self-education. This is offered within the cost frame of the known service packages D250 … D1000 (see price list).

As a result of this promotion program, interested Onyx users should be able to assess the additional value of using virtual models in their daily practice and to decide if they want to introduce this technology as soon as possible, later or possibly not at the moment and which type of work sharing between practice and dental laboratory might make sense.  You are welcome with any question about software, hardware and additional requirements.

As an alternative, you can attend one of the basic seminars or workshops 3D announced in the training program list. Depending on the course type, the focus will be on workflow details related to

  • Virtual Model Archiving
  • Virtual Model Diagnostics
  • Virtual Treatment Planning Fx (Fixed Appliances: bracket bonding on malocclusal FA point)
  • Virtual Treatment Planning Px (Fixed Appliances: Virtual SetUp | StraightWire)
  • Virtual Treatment Planning (Aligners)
  • Virtual Treatment Planning (Waefers)
  • Bracket Transfer Methods (Direct|Indirect Bonding)
  • Communikation and Data Transfer between Practice and Lab
  • Combination of 3D data (Virtual Model & CBCT|FaceScan)
  • Using Virtual Models in Patient Education








If the program described above sounds interesting for you and you´d like to take part, simply login on your Onyx user account on and register in menu item  About | Virtual Models which is available after login.