FAQs | Images

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1 Each 2D image type has assigned exactly one 2D tracing type  ; 3D image types can be analyzed 3dimensionally, or, basing on one or more 2D tracing types assigned to the image type in tab image types panel in system options

2 The refresh of the image source content (e.g., the SD card of your camera) can be useful if you always use the same camera and card and if you have chosen to delete imported images from the source after image is taken over to Onyx by contextmenu option “Delete Adopted Images”.

3 The batch import will assign the correct image type and image properties (max. size, flip, mirror, etc.) for each imported image in the pre-defined image type sequence but requires to take images in always the same sequence.

4 It is recommended to use the same shared network folder for all clients to make sure that the identical documents are available for the patient on all network clients.