Release Info

Such behaviour may have several reasons – beside operating system updates the main reason is an outdated database server program version OnyxDBServer. In such case it is sufficient to run a version update/upgrade on the server by program Onyx3Config. For this purpose you need to have admin permissions on the server. If internet is available on the server, open Onyx3Config and click button [Start Server Update] bottom right. Download the update and follow up the displayed setup instructions. Depending on the version difference, the update process thereafter can take a few minutes – don´t worry if nothing happens and the task seems to be inactive. After the update installation is completed (several progress bars will appear), database server program OnyxDBServer will launch automatically as a program. Open Onyx3Config therafter again  to stop the program and run the service by the related button.

If you do not have internet on the server, download the update file here, unzip the atrchive on the server, launch OnyxCDMenu.exe and continue as described above.